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Driving business growth and brand loyalty are among the top business objectives for any sized business in every industry - however, it is a key necessity for individuals as well. Your personal brand image comes first and is further accelerated by your profession, interests and message.

TMF Starz is a specialty division of TF Global Inc. supporting Pro Athletes, Celebrities, Executives and Models in all facets of their professional career, as well as post-career services and support. TMF Starz offers a wide range of services and solutions that includes:

Growing your brand via traditional and digital media

Building out programs and engaging you on a speaker's circuit

Becoming a brand ambassador and influencer for organizations and causes

Corporate sponsorship opportunities

Supporting your work/life balance goals

We provide customized services for individuals and teams in each of these categories for those pursuing excellence during and beyond their careers.

Agent/Agency Contracts & Services

Career Transition Solutions

Brand Development & Management

Ambassadors / Influencer Solutions

Presentations & Keynotes

Specialty Event Management

Corporate Solutions


Success is never accidental.

- Jack Dorsey


TMF Starz provides a wide range of services for each of the outlined professions. Whether you are currently in the peak of your career looking to diversify your brand and gain further exposure, or have transitioned from your profession looking to build upon its success - TMF Starz has the team and the expertise to support you. A high-level overview of our services includes:  


Providing agent services to athletes, celebrities and models to further your career within your chosen profession as well as helping you diversify your influence. We also help find you the right agent if we are not the right fit.


Need help in securing a brand ambassador position or want to take your current brand to an influencer level status? We help find you solutions and position to help you do just that...and more.


From managing your digital and social media presence to starting your own media, such as podcasts and master classes, we have a team ready to support in all your digital and multi-media needs.


Helping you answer the question "what's next"? You're an executive looking to make a transition to another role or board positions; or you're a retired athlete, celebrity or model, the next step is critical to continue doing what you love.


You have a story to tell, a story to help others, to inspire greatness - organizations are always on the lookout for that next great keynote presenter. We can support you in polishing up your presentation, getting you on the road and in front of an audience.


You have a following, a group that would like to network with you - or you have a charity or foundation that you would like to support? We can help you create memorable experiences for your group, from golf tournaments, luxury wellness experiences to charity events and conferences - we can build you the event you need.

Contact us today and let's chat. Let's build you a customized plan that allows your awesomeness to continue and grow!


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Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

- John D. Rockefeller


TMF Starz works with businesses of all sizes requiring some of the services we offer the professional athletes, celebrities, executives and models that we work with closely. 

You may be looking for an ambassador or influencer for your business or a new product you are looking to launch. Perhaps you need a great keynote speaker to present? Maybe you don't need any of that, but instead you want support in building your brand, such as enhancing your digital footprint, complete social media management, launching a podcast or video series.

TMF Starz and the TF Global Group of Companies has solutions and services to help you with any goals you may have. And if we don't, we find the right partner to work with to ensure your goals are always met!


The silent leaders are those who influence and lead in different ways, without being in the front-line or in front of the camera themselves.

The silent leaders are ALWAYS there, supporting you, helping you and guiding you to success.

You may have been playing both roles, the celebrity and the silent leader. If that's the case,  then it's time for a change.

We are your silent leaders, in the background, helping you continually succeed.


Contact us today and let's chat. Let's build you a customized plan that allows your awesomeness to continue and grow!

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